Service delivery Plans 2022/23

The Council is committed to achieving its corporate objectives and to improving the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of its services.

The Service Delivery Plan is the public facing expression of our approach to performance management. The purpose of the Service Delivery Plan is to describe what we will be doing to deliver on our duty to secure continuous improvement. It sets out the areas of improvement we will be focussing on during the coming year and explains our rationale for doing so.

ServiceAnnual PlanEnd of Year Reports
Building ControlBuilding Control Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Building Control End of Year Report
Communities and PartnershipsCommunities and Partnerships Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Communities and Partnerships End of Year Report
Communications Communications Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Communications End of Year Report
Customer ServicesCustomer Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Customer Services End of Year Report
Democratic ServicesDemocratic Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Democratic Services End of Year Report
Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Economic Development End of Year Report
Environmental ServicesEnvironmental Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Environmental Services End of Year Report
Financial ServicesFinancial Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Financial Services End of Year Report 
Housing and Community SafetyHousing and Community Safety Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Housing and Community Safety End of Year Report
Human ResourcesHuman Resources Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Human Resources End of Year Report
ICT ServicesICT Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23ICT Services End of Year Report
Infrastructure and Strategic HousingInfrastructure and Strategic Housing Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Infrastructure and Strategic Housing End of Year Report
Legal ServicesLegal Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Legal Services End of Year Report
Leisure ServicesLeisure Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Leisure Services End of Year Report 
LicensingLicensing Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Licensing End of Year Report 
Open Spaces and FacilitiesOpen Spaces and Facilities Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Open Spaces and Facilities End of Year Report 
Planning ServicesPlanning Services Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Planning Services End of Year Report 
ReprographicsReprographics Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Reprographics End of Year Report 
Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning Service Delivery Plan 2022/23Strategic Planning End of Year Report 
Waste ServicesWaste Services 2022/23Waste Services End of Year Report 

Six Month Progress Reports