Carer's Allowance Change Report

You must report changes in circumstances if you’re claiming or have applied for Carer’s Allowance, for example if: 
  • you change, start or leave your job 
  • you start earning more than £123 a week 
  • you stop being a carer 
  • you stop providing at least 35 hours of care a week 
  • you take a holiday or go into hospital - even if you arrange care while you’re away 
  • the person you care for goes into hospital or takes a holiday 
You cannot use this service to report the death of someone you’re caring for. You should use the Tell Us Once service instead. 

What you’ll need  

Make sure you have:  
  • your National Insurance number 
  • details of the person you’re caring for 
  • details of your changes 

Other ways to apply 

You can also report a change of circumstances to the Carer’s Allowance Unit by phone or by post.  

For further information on Carer's Allowance Change Report can be found on GOV.UK.