Check your Income Tax

Check your Income Tax for the Current Year 

  • This service covers the current tax year (6 April 2019 to 5 April 2020). Use the service to: 
  • check your tax code and Personal Allowance 
  • see if your tax code has changed 
  • tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about changes that affect your tax code 
  • update your employer or pension provider details 
  • see an estimate of how much tax you’ll pay over the whole tax year 
  • check and change the estimates of how much income you’ll get from your jobs, pensions or bank and building society savings interest 

Before you Start  

You cannot use this service if Self Assessment is the only way you pay Income Tax. 
There are different ways to: 
More information on Checking your Income Tax can be found on GOV.UK's website.