Immigration Reporting Centres

What you need to bring to your appointment

You may be asked to provide information about your situation, such as your address or if you have a dependant (for example a child or a family member).
You will need to bring:
  • your immigration reporting paperwork, such as your IS96 letter
  • proof of identity, such as your passport, identity card, biometric residence permit (BRP) or application registration card
You might get a text message to remind you about your appointment.
If you were sent a text message by mistake, email and tell them your name and phone number.

If you have missed your appointment

You must contact your caseworker within 7 days of your missed appointment. If you cannot contact your caseworker, use the contact number that is on your immigration paperwork.
You may face penalties if you do not attend your appointment. Your asylum support (money and housing) could be withdrawn. You could receive an unlimited fine, a criminal record or a 6 month prison sentence.

Reporting centre

East of England police station reporting

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