What happens to my Waste?


Materials are taken to the recycling facility at Amey Waterbeach where they are mechanically separated before being sent to different locations for recycling.

MaterialWhere is it processedExamples of some of the new products
GlassYorkshireTurned back into bottles and jars
CardboardSouth WalesCereal packets
CartonsHalifaxPaper products, furniture
Plastics (mixed)NorthantsTurned into pellets and sold to industry
PaperKent & West MidlandsNewspaper
Aluminium CansRedditchAluminium cans
Steel CansPontypoolNew steel products

Garden and Food Waste

Garden and food waste are taken to the composting plant at Amey Waterbeach to be made into soil improver. This is available free of charge from the site.