Registration FAQs

Am I registered to vote?

  • Telephone 01353 665555 and ask customer services to check if you are on the register
  • Check the annual canvass form, that came through your door between June and September this year.  If your details are included you are still registered
  • If the annual canvass form does not include your details, add them to the form and return to the elections office.  They will send out a further form for you to complete, to start your registration process
  • If you have moved home recently you will need to re-register at your new address.  You can do this online (external link), or contact the council and a new form will be sent out you to fill in. Please note: any postal or proxy vote at your previous address will be automatically cancelled.  You will have to re-apply for these

Please Note: People have to register individually, as they are not allowed to register somebody else.

How do I register to vote?

Am I eligible to register to vote?

  • You can only vote if you are registered. You can register if:
    • you are 16 or over (but you cannot vote until  your 18th birthday) 
    • you are a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen (i.e. you have leave to enter or remain in the UK or don’t require leave to enter or to remain in the UK) permanently living in the UK
    • other European Union citizens permanently living in the UK can register to vote at local government elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections but not UK Parliamentary elections

If I pay council tax, am I automatically registered?

  • No
  • Electoral registration is a separate process performed by your local Electoral Registration Officer

I have completed and returned my census form, does this mean I am registered to vote?

  • No
  • Electoral registration is a separate process performed by your local Electoral Registration Officer

I am a student and I am not sure where I should register to vote?

  • Students may be entitled to register at either or both their home address and their college/university (term time) address
  • However they must only vote once at any one contest, only once in any single police area or once to any single local authority in any local authority election held on the same day or only once in a UK general election

I've just turned 18 and want to register.

I am homeless or in a mental hospital or remanded in custody, can I register?

  • Yes
  • You can make something called a declaration of local connection
  • Please contact customer services on 01353 665555 or use the Invitation To Register - elector with no fixed abode/permanent address found at the bottom of the Register to vote page

What are the full and open registers?

  • There are two versions of the electoral register electors:
    • The full register includes the names of all those registered to vote in a local area and is used for electoral and limited statutory purposes only. One of these purposes is credit referencing
    • The open register can be sold on to anyone for any purpose and includes the names of all those who have not opted out of their details being included on it. You can opt out when you register

How do I find out if my details are on the open register and how can I remove them if they are?

  • You will need to contact customer services on 01353 665555
  • If your details are on the open register and you wish to have them removed from future versions of this register, customer services will be able to help