East Cambridgeshire Community Fund

East Cambridgeshire Community Fund

The aim of this small community grants scheme is to work in partnership with local communities to provide new and innovative community services and initiatives which develop the quality of life in East Cambridgeshire.

There will be two rounds of applications for this grant for the financial year 2019 / 2020. The first round will be open from April 23rd 2019 to June 18th 2019 and the second round will be open from October 7th 2019 to December 2nd 2019.

Projects must have relevance to at least one of the Council's priorities, which are:

  • Young People
  • Older People
  • Rural Communities
  • People with Disabilities

There must be evidence of how the project meets local need, invloves and empowers local people, ensures equality of access and an indication of developing sustainability.  This grant scheme cannot give capital funding.  Grants are for new projects or for developing existing projects. Projects must also promote Equality and Diversity, and have a neutral or positive impact on the environment and Climate Change.

Applicants must:

  • Be a non-profit group or organisation based in East Cambridgeshire
  • Have a written constitution and mission statement
  • Have an elected committee
  • Have their own bank account with a requirement for 2 signatures for any cheques written/payments made
  • Be able to provide an up to date copy of their accounts and their Equal Opportunities and Child Protection Policies
  • Be a member of Voluntary and Community Action East Cambridgeshire

If your organisation does not have a written constitution, mission statement and/or relevant protection policies, please contact Voluntary and Community Action East Cambridgeshire for advice in meeting these requirements.  Please call 01353-666166 or email info@vcaec.org.uk

Up to 75% of the project costs can be sought, with a minimum grant of £250 and a maximum grant of £1000 payable.

The application form is available at the bottom of this page and applications are to be submitted as a hard copy to address on the application.

For further information contact  01353 665555.

You can also apply online using our Citizens Portal.  In order to complete the form online you must be registered as an Individual, Registration is quick and easy and will only take a couple of minutes.  Please use the link below to register and to access the online application form:

Community Fund Grant - Download Paper Version

Community Fund Grant Poster