Open Data: Expenditure exceeding £500

Metadata for file formats for spending data for Expenditure exceeding £500 (with effect from October 2014)

ECDC use Agresso Business World software to generate this data. The data is exported into an Excel spreadsheet and checked manually for completeness and for redaction of personal data. It is then saved as a comma delimited (.csv) file for publication on the Council's website on a monthly basis.

All mandatory data and some recommended and optional data is included as follows:

ColField nameWhat is requiredReason for inclusionInclusion status
1Body nameName of organisation making the paymentAids readability for casual readingOptional
2Transaction dateThe transaction date as recorded in the general ledger in the UK date format (dd/mm/yyyy)To identify the date that the transaction took placeMandatory
3Supplier (beneficiary)The full name of the supplierTo identify the recipient of the spendMandatory unless redacted
4Transaction numberA unique reference number for each individual expenditure transactionTo act as a reference number when dealing with enquiries or FOI requestsOptional
5Net amountThe actual value of the transaction inclusive of irrecoverable VATTo identify the full cost of the transactionMandatory
6Irrecoverable VATThe value of the VAT that cannot be recoveredA mandatory requirement of the codeMandatory
7Department/service where expenditure occurredDepartment/service responsible for spending the moneyTo improve accountabilityMandatory
8Procurement categoryDescribes the purchased goods and servicesTo identify the general nature of the spendMandatory
9CIPFA expenditure codeThe account code which represents the expenditure typePublishing the CIPFA SeRCOP subjective accounting code allows expenditure types to be matched even when the wording of the description of changedRecommended
10Purpose of expenditure (narrative)A description in words for the details of the transactionTo help explain the paymentMandatory or recommended unless redacted
11Card transactionWhether the transaction was completed using a Government Procurement Card (GPC)The code makes it mandatory to publish all GPC transactions including those with a value of less than £500Mandatory

If you have any queries regarding this dataset please email or phone 01353 665555.