Section 106 Grant Funding

Under S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended, contributions can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing community and social infrastructure, the need for which has arisen as a result of a new development taking place. This funding is commonly known as 'Section 106'.

It is important to note that S106 monies may therefore only be spent on facilities where the new development has, at least in part, contributed to the need for the facilities. S106 funding is available for capital projects only. Revenue funding towards ongoing running costs is not available.

The District Councils S106 grant scheme is open to all community based organisations that operate on a not-for-profit basis in East Cambridgeshire. The facilities provided must be open to the public with no membership restrictions in relation to the Equality Act 2010, and have wide public and community benefit.

To be eligible for funding, the applicant organisation must have a constitution or set of rules, demonstrate that they have consulted facility users/the local community, provide any other evidence of need for the project, and have the written support of the local Parish Council.

The District Council is the accountable body for the spending of S106 monies and therefore must ensure that:

  • The funding is spent on facilities that can be demonstrated to be required because of the new development taking place

  • The process is transparent and fair to all

  • Projects supported are necessary, viable, will deliver the required social and community benefits, and will be well managed.

When assessing proposed projects the following criteria will be considered:

  • The eligibility of the organisation and project for S106 funding.

  • Ownership of the asset and whether consent is in place for any works.

  • Endorsement of the local Parish Council.

  • Evidence of need for the project (for example supported by the findings of ECDCs Play Audit and Strategy, securing Minor Highway Improvement Bid funding, identified as a priority in a Parish Plan, community consultation).

  • An increase in usage of the asset as a result of awarding the funding (for example a greater number of people will use the facility).

  • A broader usage of the asset as a result of awarding the funding (for example use by disabled people, older or younger people who may not have had access previously).

  • That a complete funding package is in place with the offer of a S106 grant.

  • That there is financial sustainability for the asset into the future.

Before you apply for a S106 Grant, please ensure you have read the S106 Grant Eligibility information