Public Participation in Meetings

The Council encourages people to engage with the Council through a number of public participation schemes. 

Public Question Time 

The public can ask a question at a full Council meeting or at most of its Committees. 

Arranging to Speak at a Committee Meeting 

Only available for either Planning Committee or Licensing Committee. The registration is on a 'first come, first served' basis. 

Planning Committee 

Please email Democratic Services at no later than 10am the day before the meeting

Licensing Committee 

Please note this only applies to licence applications and not policy decisions. This does not apply to Licensing Sub-Committee Hearings, which require special arrangements. 

Please telephone Democratic Services on 01353-665555 no later than 2pm on the day before the meeting

Public Petitions Scheme 

There is also a public petition scheme, where the public can present their petition at full Council or one of the appropriate Committees.