Representatives on Outside Bodies

There are a number of other organisations known as 'Outside Bodies' that have responsibility for matters affecting the district, its residents and workers.

The Council appoints Councillors as representatives to the Outside Bodies. The appointments usually last for the same period of time as the Councillor's term of office (normally four years), although occasionally Councillors will step down and be replaced by other Councillors.

Further details about the Outside Bodies, and the Council's representatives on them, can be found below.

"Representatives on Outside Bodies" Booklet 2023/24 (including annual reports from 2022/23 representatives)

Outside Bodies Representatives 2023-24

OrganisationAppointment (s)

A10 Ely to A14 Improvements Scheme

Cllr Ian Bovingdon

Cllr Bill Hunt

Cambridgeshire County Council Adults and Health Committee

Cllr Keith Horgan (Lead Member)

Cllr James Lay (Substitute)

Cambridgeshire Police & Crime Panel

Cllr Alan Sharp (Lead Member)

Cllr Julia Huffer (Substitute)

Citizens Advice West Suffolk

Cllr James Lay (Lead Member)

Cllr Julia Huffer (Substitute)

Community Safety Partnership

Cllr Christine Ambrose Smith (Lead Member)

Cllr James Lay (Member)

Cllr Keith Horgan (Substitute)

Cllr Alan Sharp (Substitute)

East Cambridgeshire Community Land Trust

Cllr Anna Bailey

East of England Local Government Association

Leader of Council: Cllr Anna Bailey

Historic England – Heritage Champion

Cllr Lucius Vellacott

Local Government Association

Cllr Julia Huffer

Local Government Association – District Councils Network

Leader of Council: Cllr Anna Bailey

Paradise Centre Management Committee, Ely

Cllr Martin Goodearl


Cllr Julia Huffer

Rural Services Network

Cllr Keith Horgan

Cllr James Lay (Nominated backup)

Sanctuary Housing Services & East Cambridgeshire District Council Committee

Cllr Christine Ambrose Smith

Cllr Alan Sharp

Soham and District Sports Association

Cllr Ian Bovingdon

Cllr Lucius Vellacott


Internal Drainage Board Representatives 2023-24

OrganisationAppointment (s)

Burnt Fen Internal Drainage Board

Derrick Beckett

Cllr Martin Goodearl

Cawdle Fen Internal Drainage Board

Cllr Christine Colbert

Cllr Kathrin Holtzmann

Cllr Caroline Shepherd

Cllr Christine Whelan

Cllr Rebecca Denness

Cllr Rupert Moss-Eccardt


Haddenham Level Internal Drainage Board

Cllr Gareth Wilson

Cllr Steve Cheetham

Littleport & Downham Internal Drainage Board

Cllr Christine Ambrose Smith

Cllr Lorna Dupré

Cllr Martin Goodearl

Cllr David Miller

Cllr Andrew Butcher

Mark Taylor

Middle Fen & Mere Internal Drainage Board

Cllr Ian Bovingdon

Cllr Mark Goldsack

Cllr Keith Horgan

Cllr Lucius Vellacott

Alec Jones (Lay Member)

Padnal & Waterden Internal Drainage Board

Cllr Alison Whelan

Lis Every (Lay Member)

Clive Webber





Swaffham Internal Drainage Board

Cllr David Brown

Cllr Lavinia Edwards

Cllr Alan Sharp

Cllr John Trapp

Waterbeach Level Internal Drainage Board

David Chaplin