Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 Progress Report

01 April 2019 to 31 March 2021

The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (‘HECA’) requires all  local authorities (‘LA’s) in England to submit reports to the Secretary of State demonstrating what energy conservation measures they have adopted to improve the energy efficiency of residential accommodation within that LA’s area. This covers measures to improve properties in the owner-occupier, private rented sector, and social rented sector.

Local Authority Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent

Under the Energy Company Obligation Regulations 2018 - 2022 (ECO3) local authorities can set their own criteria for eligibility for funding for domestic energy efficiency measures.

This funding is aimed at those within a local authority most likely to be in fuel poverty. Energy companies can spend up to a maximum of 25% of their full obligation within these criteria. Local authorities must publish a statement of intent that defines who is eligible for funding before this can happen

Renewable Energy

The sun, wind, earth and sea can all be harnessed to provide us with natural renewable energy that does not pollute the atmosphere.

There is enough offshore wind capacity in East Anglia alone to provide a quarter of the UK’s electricity needs!

To explore the possibilities of wind power, solar power and other renewable energy sources, visit the Energy Savings Trust website.

Fuel Poverty

You are in Fuel Poverty if you are spending more than 10% of your household income on heating your home.

Recent increases in energy prices mean that more households might be suffering from fuel poverty, which can damage the health of those living in cold homes and affects their quality of life. The old, children, and those who are disabled or have a long-term illness are especially vulnerable.

There are a number of ways that households can reduce their heating costs and stay warmer;

  • Fitting insulation - there are grants available to all for assistance with loft and cavity wall insulation
  • Switching energy supplier - you could get a cheaper deal elsewhere
  • Improving your heating system - there may be grants available if you are on a low income, or claiming certain benefits.

Help with Fuel bills and support for Home Repairs

Grants up to £300 are available for vulnerable individuals/families facing fuel poverty to contribute towards future heating costs. Grants for electricity, gas and oil will be paid direct to the energy supplier.  

Support for Home Repairs

In addition many people who apply for heating grants have problems with their homes such as leaking radiators, broken windows. Small grants for older people (over 65 years) and over the age of 18 living with a disability are also available to address these issues.

For more information contact the Councils Environmental Services Sustainability Officer, 01353 665555.

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