Mobile homes site rules

Under The Mobile Homes Act 2013, mobile home, park home and caravan site owners need to provide local authorities with park rules which will be displayed on their website for members of the public to view. This requirement applies to sites that are protected under The Mobile Homes Act 2013.

Name of siteSite rules
Cathedral View, Park Homes Site, Manor Road, WitchfordCathedral View park rules (PDF) 
Bushel Lane, Park Homes Site, Bushel Lane, SohamBushel Lane park rules (PDF) 
Bush Pasture, Park Homes Site, FordhamBush Pasture park rules (PDF) 
Hyde Park, Park Homes Site, PadnalHyde park rules (PDF) 
New Orchard Park, Park Homes Site, LittleportNew Orchard park rules (PDF) 
New River Bank, Park Homes Site, LittleportRiverside park rules (PDF) 
Hardwick Fields, Park Homes Site, HaddenhamHardwick Fields park rules (PDF) 
Bedwell Park, Park Homes Site, WitchfordBedwell park rules (PDF) 
Lazy Otter Meadows, Park Homes Site, StrethamLazy Otter Meadows park rules (PDF) 
Woodside Meadows, Park Homes Site, BurwellWoodside Meadows park rules (PDF) 

The site rules listed above are an exact copy of the rules as sent. The council accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions and does not endorse or approve any of the published site rules. The council has not confirmed that the rules are consistent with Regulation 5 (Schedule 5) to the Regulations before publication on this website and therefore has not determined that the rules do not include any prescribed matters to which site rules should have no effect. The council has no power or responsibility in relation to the enforcement of any published site rules.

Further advice on site rules and other matters relating to mobile home parks can be found on the LEASE website (external link)