Open Data

Open Data is information held by the government and local councils which is freely available for use and reuse by the public.

The aim is to make all data we hold available online (unless private or sensitive).  All of the datasets are available under the Open Government Licence unless stated otherwise. You will see that this licence encourages you to download and re-use our data. 

Data Transparency - Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities 

The Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency was published by the Department for Communities and Local Government in September 2011 and a revised version was published in 2015, link to which you can find below. The Code sets out key principles for local authorities in creating greater transparency through the publication of public data. A requirement of this Code is to publish 'Metadata' alongside the Dataset, this is to add context to the information so that the reader can understand fully what they are reading. The code sets out a recommended set of data for publication. 

To be published Quarterly 

To be published Annually 

Information to be published once only: 

Other Datasets we hold which are published online already can be found at the links below:  

If you require any further information please contact the FOI team