Replace a Child's Litigation Friend

A child who has received money to settle a court case will have a litigation friend to look after the money in a Court Funds Office account until they turn 18. 

You can apply to replace a child’s litigation friend so you can be the contact for the account

Apply to the court that appointed the child’s existing litigation friend - the court needs to make an order to appoint you. 

You will need to prove to the court that the existing litigation friend is no longer suitable or available - for example: 

  • They are not acting in the child’s best interests 

  • they can no longer act as litigation friend (eg they have moved away) 

  • they have died 

You will need to pay a £155 fee unless you are eligible for help with court fees

How to apply 

You can get legal advice to help you apply.

  1. Fill in a certificate of suitability for the court that appointed the existing litigation friend - this is to nominate yourself as the litigation friend. 

  2. Download and read form N244 and guidance notes - this is to ask the court to make an order to replace the existing litigation friend. 

  3. Use form N244 to explain why the existing litigation friend is not suitable or available - give names and addresses for the existing litigation friend and the child’s parent, guardian or carer so the court can give (‘serve’) copies of the application to them. 

  4. Send your certificate of suitability with your completed form and fee to the court - contact a court in England or Wales

Additional information on replacing a child's litigation friend can be found on GOV.UK's website.