Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. Not only is it unsightly, it is dangerous and expensive to clear up. It is a crime that damages the environment, risks public health and costs the taxpayer to remove. Fines for fly-tipping can be as much as £50,000 or six months imprisonment. 
Fly-tipping includes:
  • dumping waste on land where there is no waste management licence, including public highways
  • leaving rubbish or waste outside household recycling centres
Fly-tipping on public land can be reported to Customer Services on 01353 665555 or via our Self Service Portal. Please have to hand the date, time and place of the incident (if known) and a description of what and how much waste there is.

We advise you not to approach any one you see dumping rubbish but to contact the Council with the information you have. The Council will liaise with the Environment Agency to consider the most appropriate course of action.

Fly-tipping will normally be removed from town centres/shopping streets by the end of the next working day and other areas within 3 working days.
If you have items you wish to dispose of, please visit our pages for Bulky Collections and Neighbourhood Recycling Centres.
Follow the link for more information about our Environmental Enforcement Strategy.