Keep warm, keep well in cold weather

Temperatures are predicted to drop so make sure you are prepared for dealing with wintery conditions by following our top tips below:-

Keep your home warm.

Heat the home to a minimum of 18°C (65°F), and make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather by wearing lots of thin layers.

Get financial support. There are grants, benefits and sources of advice available to make the home more energy efficient, improve the heating, or help with bills.

Eat well and have plenty of fluids. Food and water are vital sources of energy; they help keep a person’s body warm. People should make sure they and their family have hot meals and drinks regularly throughout the day.

Plan ahead. On cold days try to avoid going outside, where possible plan ahead to have food and medicines at home.

Reach Out and reduce loneliness this winter.

Look out for an older or vulnerable neighbour during cold spells to make sure they are safe and well. 

Keep moving to keep warm.

It's important to stay active as this generates heat and helps to keep you warm. Try to keep moving when you're indoors, and don't sit still for more than an hour.

Cold weather can be dangerous to everyone but in particular the elderly and those in poor health or on a low income are at an increased risk. If you need help paying for energy bills, insulation advice or are worried about a friend or relative struggling to get by this winter please get in touch to see what help is available.

For further local information on staying warm and well this winter, including grants, call and request to speak to the East Cambridgeshire Energy Officer on 01353 665555