Housing Associations

Housing Associations are Registered Social Landlords who are regulated by the Housing Corporation. They are mainly charitable organisations set up to provide social housing for those who are unable to afford any other type of accommodation.

Many local Councils have transferred their housing stock to Housing Associations (this includes East Cambridgeshire District Council) but some local Councils still have their own waiting lists. East Cambridgeshire District Council does not hold a waiting list, all applications are made direct to Sanctuary Housing Association (external link)

How do you nominate to housing associations?

East Cambridgeshire District Council will only nominate applicants who have been accepted as unintentionally homeless and in priority need for accommodation under the Housing Act 1996 Part VII (as amended).

How many housing association properties are there in East Cambridgeshire?

Sanctuary Housing and the Housing Partnership Registered Social Landlords have a stock of approximately 4610 properties in the district.

There are some new houses being built in my village, how do I apply for one?

Your first approach should be to Sanctuary Housing, or you can apply online via the Home Link scheme: