I am a Guest from Ukraine

Welcome Packs and Information

East Cambridgeshire District Council have produced a welcome pack:

(If you require an accessible version of this document, please contact us on 01353 665555, or email customerservices@eastcambs.gov.uk, letting us know your requirements).

The British Red Cross has produced a leaflet to help Ukrainian nationals who have recently arrived iin the UK to understand their rights and find out about services they can access:

The WEA (Workers' Educational Association) are the largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in England and Scotland. They are running an online information session about opportunities to learn English and gain new qualifications in the UK:

Homes for Ukraine Scheme - When will I receive my £200 subsistence payment?

Guests will receive their £200 subsistence payment when the Council completes their welfare check.  This will normally take place 3 or 4 days after your arrival.

Laptops for Guests

Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign is partnering with 'Laptops 4 Learning’ - a company that refurbishes tech devices obtained from companies and educational establishments and recycles them, cleansed and ready for use by people in need who are facing situations in their lives which will be helped by having access to working tech.

The guest, or host (on behalf of the guest) under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, can complete this form once the guest has arrived, to request support or a device. The turnaround is around two weeks from the submission of a request. Further questions regarding the scheme can be emailed to Admin_TeamUkraine@cambridgerefugees.org

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Young People

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Explore East Cambs

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How will my personal data be used as a Ukraine Guest?

Local authorities use information about basic details of guests (such as age, gender, arrival date) and hosts (such as location) to plan services and support, for example to make sure there are enough school places.  This information is shared with other local authorities, health services and relevant voluntary and community sector organisations.  The information that is shared is not individually identifiable, only totals are shared.

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