Sutton Neighbourhood Plan

Sutton Neighbourhood Plan finalised May 2019

On 30 May 2019, East Cambridgeshire District Council formally 'made' the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will be used when deciding planning applications within the Sutton Neighbourhood Area.

At a referendum held on 2 May 2019, the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan was supported by the majority of voters. The results of the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan Referendum available from the Elections and Voting pages

Prior to this, the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan was independently examined in February and March 2019.

The made Sutton Neighbourhood Plan is available to download from the Document Library below, along with related documents such as the Examiner's Report and Council's Decision Statement.

Please note that Sutton Parish Council is currently preparing a refresh of its adopted Neighbourhood Plan. Please see the Parish Council's website (external link) for more details.