The list of assets

You can request a free paper copy of either one of both of the lists using the contact details below. Please note that you will only be entitled to one free copy of a particular version of either list.  

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What happens when an asset is listed?

ECDC will register the asset as an Asset of Community Value on the Local Land Charges Register and if the land is registered ECDC will apply to register a restriction against the Land Registry title.  These are statutory requirements and should ensure that if an asset is offered for sale, individuals/organisations are made aware that the asset is registered as an Asset of Community Value. 

The asset owner will also be informed of their right to request a listing review and ECDC will explain the consequences for the land and the owner of the land’s inclusion in the list.

Some types of relevant disposal are exempt from the ACV requirements for example:

  • a gift of the asset
  • transmission of the asset under the terms of a will or intestacy; or to raise money to satisfy other entitlement under the will or intestacy, or to pay the deceased person's debts, taxes, or costs of administering the estate
  • transfer between family members, defined for these purposes as spouses or civil partners, or persons descended from the same grandparents (including relationships by marriage)
  • a disposal with other land
  • a person joining or leaving a partnership
  • under the terms of a trust

(A full combined list of exemptions is attached in the appendices of the Assets of Community Value Protocol, that is on the landing page)

We will amend the list as required to exclude any of the land that has, since it was included in the list, been the subject of a relevant disposal and remove the entry if an appeal against the listing is successful or if ECDC no longer considers the land to be an Asset of Community Value.

ECDC will remove the nominated building or other land from the ‘Asset of Community Value’ and ‘land nominated by unsuccessful community nominations' lists after five years from the point of inclusion on the list.