Security of Property

Every business is different and issue like type and value of property will vary. Methods of securing property will differ for each business, but it is important to review: 

Assets of your business 

Think about whether you have expensive IT equipment, specialist tools or valuable documents on site. Consider whether you have the necessary security to protect them not only from theft but from possible arson attacks or vandalism. Also make sure you have considered your business continuity should the worst happen. 

Use of signage 

Many businesses use signs as a way of deterring criminals. You may consider whether these would be useful for your business, for example: 

  • No cash held on premises 
  • CCTV in operation 
  • All stock is removed overnight 


For many businesses, their stock is their most valuable asset. It is important to consider what control measures you need to put into place to protect and secure your stock. 

Carefully consider the location of your stock in your business to help prevent opportunities for shop-lifting. Where possible, keep valuable stock well away from the door in your business. Consider the use of mirrors and CCTV to help you monitor your stock. If you have small, expensive items that are easy for someone to take or hide, then look at options for keeping these secure, for example storing them in a locked case or keeping them behind the counter. 

When taking receipt of stock, always ensure that your delivery matches your invoice or receipt. This will help you to identify if anything has been lost or stolen before it arrives at your business. 


Many businesses use alarms to deter criminals. If you have alarms you should ensure that: 

  • They are working correctly 
  • You have a process in place to ensure they are always used 
  • You set reminders to ensure that they are serviced regularly