Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations

The District Council has concluded its four-year Review of its polling districts, places and stations.  

Comments received:

All Polling Districts

I am in support of all the proposals as presented.  It all looks totally sensible to me.

Polling Districts KA1, KC1, KD1, KE1, KF1, MB1, MJ6 (Bottisham Ward)

As regards the location of the polling stations in our ward, I think that they are in the right place and serve our residents well.

Polling District LG2 (Soham South Ward)

Thank you, no comments, glad it is back at the Pavilion.

N.B. This comment was received prior to the correction made to the consultation document, that the polling station for LG2 is the Coach House in Soham.  All consultees were informed of the correction.

Subsequent comment: Thank you, what a shame given the Pavilion is a publicly funded building!

Polling District LJ1 (Soham South Ward)

I only have one observation which involves a lack of transport links to the polling station for LJ1 (Wicken Mission Hall). Residents of the hamlet of Upware and the farm at Padney expressed concerns before the election that anyone without access to a car during polling hours (or a very great deal of motivation to go for a walk) is unable to access the station. I realise a polling station in Upware is not feasible, not least due to the low population - approx. 100 people, a few swans and a very friendly cat at the pub - but wanted to raise it as a concern for some residents unable to access transport. I will endeavour to ensure they are aware of how to sign up for a postal vote, as many have done in Upware; I feel this should be the primary solution to this issue.

A report giving recommendations will be presented to the full Council meeting in February 2024.