Get Help with the Cost of Prison Visits

Claim for a prison visit made in the last 28 days 

If you visited a family member, partner or someone who does not get other visitors you might be able to get help to pay for: 
  • travel to the prison 

  • overnight accommodation 

  • meals 

You must be getting certain benefits or have a health certificate to get help. 
If you took a child with you or someone to help you (for example because you are disabled) you might also be able to get help paying for their visit. 
If you have used this service before, sign in using your reference number
You can apply to get help paying for visits that you have made in the last 28 days. 
You need: 
  • the prisoner number 

  • the date of the visit 

  • your National Insurance number 

  • any receipts 

  • a prison visit form stamped by the prison 

  • See website help with prison visits service 

Apply by post 

Contact Help with Prison Visits by email, phone or post to request an application form. 

Help with Prison Visits  

Telephone: 0300 063 2100 
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 

Help with Prison Visits 

PO Box 17594 
B2 2QP 

Get help using the service 

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