Complain About a Claims Company

Contact your claims company, the Financial Ombudsman Service (external link), or the Financial Conduct Authority (external link) (FCA) to make a complaint.

Claims management companies can help you make certain types of claims against financial services providers for a fee, such as claiming for mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). They can give you advice on what you can claim and help you with the legal process.

Complaining About Poor Service

Complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (external link) if you are unhappy with the service you have received from a claims company, for example the results of your claim or the fees they’ve charged you.

  • Ask the claims company for a copy of their complaints procedure or check their website.

  • Contact the claims company with your complaint so they have a chance to put things right.

  • Keep a record of your complaint, for example details about any communication between you and the claims company.

  • Contact the Financial Ombudsman Service if your claims company does not resolve your complaint in eight weeks.

Complaining About Poor Conduct

Complain to the FCA (external link) if you are unhappy with the conduct of a claims company.

Poor conduct could include:

The FCA cannot pay compensation or order a claims management company to compensate you, even if you’ve received poor service.

You will be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (external link) if your complaint is about poor service.