Reporting Concerns

See it and say it

Everyone has a role in PREVENT and tackling radicalisation. It is vital that anyone who observes individuals displaying signs of radicalisation acts early and reports any concerns in confidence. You will not be wasting time and you will not be ruining lives, but your reporting might help to save them. 


If someone is in danger and you need immediate support, please call 999. 

If you suspect that someone is involved in terrorism or becoming radicalised in any way you should inform the police: 

Adults (18 and over)

You can pass on concerns by phoning 101 or visiting the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website

You can also report a concern anonymously via Crimestoppers or phone 0800 555111. 

Children (under 18)  

If you have a concern that a child or young person is at risk of becoming involved in extremist activity, you can contact Children's Services on 03450 455203. 

What happens next? 

The Police, local authorities and criminal justice agencies work together to support people who are vulnerable to radicalisation. They work with individuals to offer targeted and appropriate voluntary support. 


One form of support is provided through Channel. It is a part of the PREVENT programme that is a voluntary, confidential, early intervention programme that supports people who may be at risk of being drawn into terrorism. Support available as part of Channel includes support provided: 

  • at school, 
  • in the workplace, 
  • from specialist mentors, 
  • from mental health workers. 

Taking part in Channel does not go onto someone's criminal record. It means getting the right kind of help for the person who needs support.