Active for Health

Active for health is a new 12-week activity programme to help you become active and move more. Adults (18 and over) can sign up for the Active for Health programme if you have a BMI of 25 or over, or 23.5 if you are from the BME community.

To calculate your BMI use the NHS BMI tool (external link)

The programme will include a range of activities to help you improve your fitness, socialise, learn new skills, and ultimately improve your overall well-being. 

Located at either a leisure centre or in a public open space, the programme consists of 12 weeks of group activities including fitness classes, walking sports, team games, healthy eating, and well-being walks. Activities will be chosen by the group in consultation with the instructor. 

The upcoming course at Littleport Leisure Centre starts on 20 November.

Once signed up for the 12-week course, each participant will receive a free 12 week offer to use the associated Leisure facility subject to eligibility criteria. 

Read further information in our Guidance Document (PDF) 

To register please complete the online form (external link)

If you have any concerns about attending, please consult your GP.