Animal Welfare Licence Holders

The table on this page lists the licensed animal welfare establishments within the Council's district boundary, and their star rating issued in accordance with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals)(England) Regulations 2018. 

When calculating the star rating of a premises Officers take into account both the risk rating (based on compliance and complaint history, and management processes) of the premises, and the animal welfare standards at the premises (based on facilities, staffing, training etc). These two factors result in a star rating ranging from one to five stars. The image below shows how the star rating is worked out. Any establishment which is unable to provide three years history of compliance is automatically considered high risk, and is therefore unable to obtain the higher star ratings. For more information on the rating scheme please click on the link below. 

Procedural guidance including risk rating matrix

Licensed establishments

Licence NumberTrading NameActivityContactStar Rating
18/00795/ANIMALOld Tiger StablesHorse Riding EstablishmentLorraine Webster5 stars
18/00798/ANIMALPerfeq Pets LimitedDog Boarding - Day Care of DogsPerfeq Pets Limited4 stars
18/00801/ANIMALPet TimeHome Boarding of DogsMichele Burnett4 stars
18/00809/ANIMALBurwell Guest House for DogsHome Boarding of DogsMartine Mockford5 stars
18/00811/ANIMALAmberlea Country Kennels & CatteryCat Boarding / Boarding of Dogs in KennelsWilliam & Lesley Bridges5 stars
18/00823/ANIMALWinflashBreeding of DogsIan & Karen Page5 stars
18/00844/ANIMALCosy Kennels  & CatteryCat Boarding / Boarding of Dogs in KennelsPaul Fegarty & Catherine Curtis5 stars
18/00845/ANIMALN/ABreeding of DogsRichard Day5 stars
18/00846/ANIMALThird Bridge Holiday Home for DogsDog Boarding in KennelsSimon & Ginette Shepherd5 stars
18/00847/ANIMALIsleham CatteryCat BoardingLorraine Smith5 stars
18/00848/ANIMALCloverleigh KennelsDog Boarding in KennelsCharles & Yvonne Mackender5 stars
18/00849/ANIMALEly Aquatics and ReptilesPet ShopJoanne Pegg5 stars
18/00850/ANIMALFalkor Dog BoardingHome Boarding of DogsMatthew Bullman5 stars
18/00851/ANIMALFordham Boarding CatteryCat BoardingTrevor & Keren Goff3 stars
18/00852/ANIMALCarol Ford Bespoke Pet Service And Guidedog TrainingHome Boarding of DogsCarol Ford5 stars
18/00855/ANIMALLittle Critters Pet ServicesHome Boarding of DogsKatheryn Harmer2 stars
18/00863/ANIMALPaws In Lode Home Boarding of DogsJoanna Donohue4 stars
18/00867/ANIMALSilver Birch Kennels & CatteryCat Boarding / Boarding of Dogs in KennelsDean Faulkner5 stars
18/00868/ANIMALThe Pug HotelHome Boarding of DogsRebecca Grey2 stars
18/00869/ANIMALCountry Club KennelsDog Boarding in KennelsMiles & Ruth Ashton3 stars
18/00871/ANIMALNesslands of Burwell LimitedDog Boarding in KennelsNesslands of Burwell Limited3 stars
18/00881/ANIMALWitcham Equestrian CentreHorse Riding EstablishmentSally Wilkin5 stars
18/00883/ANIMALFeline at HomeCat BoardingAdrienne Boydell3 stars
18/00889/ANIMALPaws Doggy Day CareDog Boarding - Day Care of DogsPaws Doggy Day Care Limited5 stars
18/00906/ANIMALMeow Bow Wow Country Hotel For Cats & DogsCat Boarding / Boarding of Dogs in KennelsPhilip & Teresa Wright5 stars
18/00907/ANIMALJumbana DogsBreeding of DogsNeil Presswell & Charlotte Linsey5 stars
18/00908/ANIMALCatherine Adams Pet ServicesHome Boarding of DogsCatherine Adams3 stars
18/00939/ANIMALThornhurst StudBreeding of DogsMarie Kumar5 stars
18/00940/ANIMALIsle of Ely Koi LimitedPet ShopIsle of Ely Koi Limited5 stars
18/00946/ANIMALScotsdales FordhamPet ShopScotsdales Nursery & Garden Centre Limited3 stars
18/00962/ANIMALFrolic Equestrian LimitedHorse Riding EstablishmentEdward Wright5 stars
18/00963/ANIMALBrands of ElyPet ShopMilpets t/as Brands of Ely3 stars
18/00966/ANIMALPitter Patter PawsHome Boarding of DogsDonna Slater2 stars
18/00984/ANIMALAmwell AquaticsPet ShopAmwell Aquatics Limited5 stars
18/00996/ANIMAL Kitz CatteryCat Boarding Joe Magri5 stars
18/00997/ANIMALA Round of AppawsHome Boarding of DogsSiobhan Fox4 stars
18/00999/ANIMALPaws Doggy Day CareHome Boarding of DogsPaws Doggy Day Care Limited5 stars
18/01023/ANIMALCambria FarmCat BoardingJane Wilton-Clark5 stars
18/01042/ANIMALAngela's Home from HomeHome Boarding of DogsAngela Allsop5 stars
18/00985/ANIMALLily View Equestrian Riding School Horse Riding EstablishmentRebecca Sian Mitchell4 stars
18/00866/ANIMALPinrow Tibetan TerriersBreeding of DogsMichael & Vita Davies1 star
18/00870/ANIMALSophie's Holiday HomeHome Boarding of DogsDorothea Heller2 stars
18/00903/ANIMALKathy's Doggy Holiday HotelBoarding of Dogs in KennelsKathleen Denniss5 stars
19/00053/ANIMALPony LodgeBreeding of DogsAdolphus & Andrea Buckley4 stars
19/00196/ANIMALHolidays 4 DogsArranging the provision of boarding of dogsLouise Radcliffe5 stars
19/00159/ANIMALChancegate KennelsBreeding of DogsStacey Sheldrick4 stars
19/00177/ANIMALSelinko KennelsBreeding of DogsMr & Mrs Kennett2 stars
19/00299/ANIMALN/ABreeding of DogsMr Kevin Cousins4 stars
19/00319/ANIMALRed Acre KennelsBreeding of DogsMr & Mrs Sargent5 stars
19/00550/ANIMALSavdeetaBreeding of DogsMr Adrian Wright4 stars
18/00778/ANIMALInn The Dog HouseHome Boarding of DogsMr James Turner4 stars
19/00314/ANIMALLion LearnersKeeping or training animals for exhibitionLion Learners Educational Experiences LimitedN/A
19/00468/ANIMALBeabeardies Bearded ColliesBreeding of DogsMr & Mrs Bevis4 stars
19/00493/ANIMALFenport KennelsBreeding of DogsMs Jane Milton5 stars
19/00514/ANIMALRozamie KennelBreeding of DogsMr Joseph Magri5 stars
19/00630/ANIMALLabrador CityBreeding of DogsHazel Hedges4 stars
19/00674/ANIMALBassalin BassetsBreeding of DogsFrances Parkes5 stars