Digital Signs in Ely

Digital signs are being installed across the city of Ely as part of a joint initiative designed to celebrate our medieval city using the latest modern technology.

East Cambridgeshire District Council has teamed up with Visit Ely and the City of Ely Council to install 13 digital information points which go live in June. They will use smart touchscreen technology, linked to the free public Wi-Fi and a dedicated Visit Ely app, to benefit residents, tourists, businesses, and the environment.

As well as navigating people through the beautiful city using web mapping platforms like Google Maps, users will be able to easily search for the latest information on local shops and businesses. Details of key events will be available to view at a glance and, if push notifications are requested, businesses can use the app to offer discounts and promotions. Interesting facts and information will be uploaded by Visit Ely, enabling people to follow new historical routes around the city centre. And a gamification feature will provide an element of fun with treasure hunts and quizzes.

The new technology is being installed by East Cambridgeshire District Council with a £240,000 grant from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority designed to help boost the local economy.
Once the digital signs and the accompanying mobile apps for Android and Apple are up and running they will be officially handed over to Visit Ely, which is managed by the City of Ely Council.

Help us shape Ely’s new app

Would you like to have the opportunity to be one of the first users to tell us how you would like the app to be shaped?

We are asking local residents, those who really know and love Ely, to help create content for the new app. In particular we are encouraging local shops and businesses to submit information about their premises.

You may also have ideas about information that can be included on the app, for example such as highlighting where defibrillators are located or where to access disabled toilets. It may be that you know an interesting fact or have an exciting story you want to share. Or it may be that you are a keen local photographer and would like to share some of your images.

Whatever your ideas, please get in touch at to discuss how we can make them a reality.

Where possible we will use the information to enhance the app for the benefit of all members of the community.