Rogue Trading

We have had reports of Rogue Trading incidents happening in our area, sadly the victims have lost significant amounts of money as a result of this despicable crime type.

Please take note of some simple precautions to help prevent you becoming a victim, consider other family members and neighbours by passing this message on to them ensuring we reach as many residents as possible.

  • Always use a door chain when answering the door to unknown and unexpected callers – only release the chain once you are certain the caller is genuine.

  • Ring the company they claim to be from, never ring the number that the caller gives to you, either look it up in the phone book or call direct enquiries. If someone claims to be from a utility supplier their contact number will be on a statement or bill.

  • You could always call a neighbour for support – a legitimate caller will always wait, do not feel pressured to rush.

  • Never buy from your doorstop, Rogue Traders often claim to be in the area and just happen to have passed your property and noticed that they could repair your roof/cut back shrubbery or chop down trees/gravel your driveway/re-point your chimney etc. A price will be quoted before work commences, once completed the traders will over inflate their price in return for poor quality work.

The traders can be intimidating and in some cases threatening, they will take you to the bank if you haven’t enough cash in the house. If this happens to you - tell the cashier immediately what is happening, they will assist you.

We continue to receive reports of callers claiming to work for Anglian Water, even if the caller appears genuine and has the logo displayed on clothing Tel: 0800 145 145 to check they are genuine.

  • Remember – keep all doors locked, even when you are at home.
  • Do not store large amounts of cash at home.
  • If you require a genuine trades person that you can trust to complete a good standard of work for a fair price go to (external link).

In the event of an emergency call 999

Non-emergency visit Cambridgeshire Police website (external link) to submit an online report.

If you think you have fallen victim of a Rogue Trading incident we want to know about it.