Alternative Collection Service

If your property only has space to accommodate one wheeled bin, priority will be given to the provision of a blue lidded bin.

An alternative bag based recycling service is provided only where properties are considered by the East Cambs Street Scene Team to be unsuitable for wheeled bin services.
Recycling collections are made using clear plastic sacks. The same materials can be included as for the blue wheeled bin service, but please do not include broken glass because of the risk of injury to collection crews. Sacks will be provided on request.

Food & Garden Waste collections are made using brown paper sacks. Up to 4 sacks will be replaced per collection.

Collections are carried out at the same time as wheeled bin collections, and the same requirements regarding collection points & times apply.
Refuse collections are the same as for properties with wheeled bin recycling services, collections being in black sacks.

Side waste

Materials will only be collected by any service if they are contained in the correct sack. The equivalent of 1 refuse sack per week is provided annually. Additional black sacks will be collected, but must be provided by the householder.

Flats or Multiple Occupancy Properties

For flats or a house of multiple occupancy, we may provide larger, shared bins dependent on property size and available space. Bins will be collected from a designated area, agreed by the East Cambs Street Scene Team, and returned to the same location. If there is no available space, the Alternative Service will be offered.

Loose rubbish, incorrect items or sacks left outside of the designated containers wil not be collected and could result in the service being withdrawn.