Clinical Collections

Types of waste

There are three different collection arrangements available depending on the type of waste:

  • Hygiene waste – non-infectious waste that can be collected via your normal black sack rubbish collections
  • Sharps only - if you are self-medicating, your sharps boxes containing hypodermic needles and syringes can be taken to a participating pharmacy or surgery (see list below).
  • Clinical waste - this is waste which is infectious to humans and needs to be collected separately via our clinical waste service. Very little waste that is generated in the home falls within the tightly controlled definition of clinical waste.

Hygiene waste

This is collected via your normal black sack collections. This waste can carry an offensive odour as well as appearance but is not infectious.

Examples may include:

  • Catheter and stoma bags (drained)
  • Wound dressings (non-infectious)
  • Soiled bedding (vomit, human waste)
  • Nasal and respiratory secretions
  • Condoms
  • Sanitary waste
  • Nappies
  • Plasters
  • Incontinence pads


If you self-medicate, using clinical sharps and require your sharps bins to be disposed of, you will need to take them to your local participating pharmacy or GP surgery listed below:

  • Bottisham Pharmacy, 8 High Street, Bottisham, CB25 9DQ
  • Burwell Surgery, Newmarket Road, Burwell, CB25 0AE
  • Boots Pharmacy, 6 Market Street, Ely, CB7 4PB
  • St Mary's Street Pharmacy, 64 St Mary's Street, Ely, CB7 4EY
  • Haddenham Pharmacy, Station Road, Haddenham, CB6 3XD
  • Wellbeing Pharmacy, 2 Parsons Lane, Littleport, CB6 1JU
  • Staploe Pharmacy, Brewhouse Lane, Soham, CB7 5JD
  • Priors Field Surgery, 24 High Street, Sutton, CB6 2RB
  • Sutton Pharmacy, 29 High Street, Sutton, CB6 2RB

There is no charge for this service and you will be able to collect your new sharps boxes in your usual way. We do not provide clinical sharps boxes.

If you are housebound and unable to visit any of the locations due to disability, medical reason and a family member, friend or carer is unable to help, please be assured that we will collect your used sharps from your home on a quarterly basis. If this applies to you, please ask your GP to provide a letter confirming this and send it to us with an application form so that we can register you for a household collection. Boxes should be put for out for collection the evening before your scheduled collection day as collection may take place from midnight.

Clinical waste collections

Depending on the circumstances, clinical waste sacks may be provided by your health care provider. We do not provide clinical waste sacks.

We collect clinical waste sacks weekly. All clinical waste must be contained in the correct sacks and they must be tied at the top. Please do not place clinical waste with your normal refuse sacks as they will not be collected.

Sacks should be put for out for collection the evening before your scheduled collection day as collection may take place from midnight.

Please note: We do not provide a commercial clinical waste service.

If your clinical waste or sharps boxes were not collected, please report it to us by phoning 01353 665555, emailing or by using the online form:

How to apply for clincal waste or sharps boxes collection

For further advice or information, to request a clinical waste form by post or to collection please contact our Customer Services Team on 01353 665555, email or download the application form below: