Landscape and Trees

Local Planning Authorities have a duty to consider the protection and planting of trees when assessing planning applications. The potential impact of development on trees, whether protected (for example TPO) or not, is a material planning consideration.

Where trees are statutorily protected, either by a Tree Preservation Order or by being located within a conservation area, it is important to contact the Council and follow the appropriate procedures prior to undertaking any works that might affect the protected tree.

The nature and level of detail that will be required to enable the Local Planning Authority to properly consider the implications varies depending on what is being proposed. The table below provides advice to applicants on what would be regarded as an appropriate amount of information to supply:

Stage of Process

Minimum Detail

Additional Information


Tree Survey

Tree retention / removal plan (draft)

Planning Application

Tree Survey (in the absence of pre-application discussions)

Tree retention / removal plan (if finalised)

Retained trees and root protection areas (RPA) shown on proposed layout

Strategic hard and soft landscaping design, including species and location of new planting

Arboricultural impact assessment

Existing and proposed finished levels

Tree Protection Plan

Arboricultural method statement - heads of terms

Details for all special engineering within the root protection area and other relevant construction details

Reserved Matters / Planning Condition

Alignment of utility apparatus (including drainage) where outside the RPA or where installed using a trenchless method

Dimensioned tree protection plan

Arboricultural Method Statement - detailed

Schedule of works to retained trees (for example access facilitation pruning)

Detailed hard and soft landscaping design

Arboricultural site monitoring schedule

Tree and landscape management plan

Post-construction remedial works

Landscape maintenance schedule

More information is available on the Trees section of this website as well as on the Planning Portal website (external link)