Facilities Improvement Grant

The aim of the Facilities Improvement Grant Fund is to develop and improve village halls, community centres, sport and leisure centres, play facilities and public open spaces, protecting and enhancing the quality of life for residents within East Cambridgeshire.
The Facilities Improvement Grant is for capital expenditure only.  Ongoing project running costs are not eligible.

Any parish which has an allocation of Section 106 (S106) funding or Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) receipts that covers the full costs of the project are not eligible for Facilities Improvement Grant Funding.  To find out if a parish has any S106/CIL  funding, contact the Communities and Partnerships Team at email: FIG@eastcambs.gov.uk  - Tel: 01353 665555.

A maximum of £10,000 grant is available for an application and applicants must provide 15% match funding. Please check on the webpage prior to submitting your application to make sure that there are sufficient funds available.

Please note that there is a total of £45,000 available for allocation each year.

The types of project that might be eligible will be dependent primarily upon evidence that an assessment has been made of local community needs.  The project must fit into one of the following categories:

  1. Community Centres/Village Halls
  2. Multi-purpose Sports and Leisure Centres which serve the general public
  3. Play Facilities
  4. Open Spaces

Download the Facilities Improvement Grant application form as a PDF here