Food Poisoning

The Council's Commercial Team food officers are responsible for investigating the source of and controlling the spread of notifiable diseases. 

Want to report food poisoning?   

Let us have all the details of what, when and where you ate the food that you believe led to illness. We will need to know what your symptoms were, when they started and if anyone else was ill. We will ask you to visit your GP for a stool specimen to support an investigation. The stool sample can then be analysed for food poisoning bacteria. 

What if I am unwell and am a food handler? 

It is against the law to work in any food handling area if you are known to be or suspected to be suffering from, or to be a carrier of a disease which is likely to be transmitted through food. Further guidance can be found in the Food Standards Agency Fitness for Work at Information for Hygiene Requirements for your Business

For further information, please contact the Commercial Team on the East Cambs Food and Safety team email or telephone 01353 665555. 

Listed below are some leaflets which provide useful advice and guidance on the common illnesses we deal with. If you wish to view any of the leaflets, please use the links: