Driver Licences

Joint Hackney Carriage and Private Hire driver licences once issued remain valid for a period of 1 or 3 years, unless they are surrendered or revoked during this period.

Before the Licensing Authority can grant a joint driver's licence it must be satisfied that the applicant is a "Fit and Proper" person, and that the applicant has held a UK or EU driving licence for at least 12 months. The Authority also ensures that applicants are medically fit, have a suitable knowledge of the district and applicable laws, and are able to understand the needs of mentally and physically impaired members of the public who may rely on the service they will provide.

In order to assist the Licensing Authority to determine the above, the applicant is required to submit the following documentation in addition to the prescribed application form, and the applicable fee:

  1. a current full UK or EU driving licence.
  2. proof of right to work in the UK (see Immigration Act 2016 section below)
  3. an enhanced DBS certificate (no older than three months at the time the application is validated) or a DBS update service certificate stating "child and adult workforce". 
  4. a medical certificate (no older than three months at the time the application is validated).
  5. a completed DVSA mandate form, or e-consent*
  6. a passport style colour photo which must reflect your current image.
  7. a Blue Lamp Trust enhanced driving assessment pass certificate (no older than twelve months at the time of application)**
  8. a local knowledge test pass certificate, arranged through the council.
  9. certificate of good conduct from your own embassy if you have not lived in the UK for the previous 5 years.

* An email address is required if you wish to complete the e-consent process. In most cases the e-consent option will result in a faster turn around of your application.

** Older certificates will be accepted where an applicant has held a taxi driver licence with another licensing authority within the 12 month period prior to submitting an application to the Council.

An application will only be considered valid once all the above items have been received. The Licensing Authority can only determine valid applications, and will aim to determine a valid application within 10 working days of receipt of a valid application. If a Licensing Sub-Committee is required to determine an application this period may increase to 28 days.

Apply online

It is now possible to apply online for new and renewal driver licence applications via the Council's self service portal. Before completing your application, your attention is drawn to our privacy and data retention policy.

Further information

Paper based application forms can be found in the related documents section along with the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy which contains more information on the application procedure.

Paper based application forms and payment can be submitted through the post, or at the customer services desk in the Council Offices. If you need to complete a DBS application form these can be obtained from the customer services desk. Please see the DBS section below.

DBS forms

The Disclosure Barring Service forms are all numbered, and East Cambridgeshire District Council can only process the forms it supplies. Due to this forms are not supplied to individuals, and any person wishing to obtain a DBS certificate through the Council must visit the Council with their supporting documentation.

The current list of acceptable documentation to support a DBS application can be found in the related documents section below.

If you have a child and adult workforce enhanced DBS certificate and are registered on the DBS update service, you may submit this to the Council with your access code to enable the Council to complete a subject search.

All licensed drivers are required to maintain a subscription to the DBS update service whilst licensed. Subscription must be applied for within 28 days of receiving your certificate. More information can be found on 

Medical requirement

It is a requirement for all new applicants to provide a group two medical form and declaration form on initial application, and every three years whilst licensed until the age of 70, and annually thereafter. You may use any GP registered with the General Medical Council, but you will need to provide them with a contemporaneous medical history summary sheet. These can be obtained from your registered GP, and in some cases if you have online access to your GP surgery, you will be able to download this summary yourself. In order to ensure that the correct D4 medical form is used, all applicants will need to click on the link in the related documents section which will take you to the current DVLA D4 form. This form is entitled Medical examination report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence, but this is also the form used for taxi licensing. 

If your chosen GP is unable to conduct the vision test, you will need to take the D4 form to an optician prior to attending your GP appointment. The optician will complete page 3 of the report, and return the form to you. Your chosen GP will conduct the remaining parts of the medical, and then declare you fit or unfit.

In addition to having your GP complete this report form, they must sign the medical fitness certificate that you will return to the Council with your medical report. This certificate can also be found in the related documents section below. Both parts together make up the medical we will use to evaluate your fitness to drive. Please ensure that your chosen GP is willing to sign this certificate prior to attending your medical.

Medical frequencies may change from those listed above if you have an existing medical condition. 

Local knowledge test

New applicants are required to pass a local knowledge test. This test is conducted in the Council Offices and consists of watching a disability awareness video, and answering a total of 30 questions from the following categories: Equality, Compulsory Policy and Law, and General (Policy, Routes, Signage and Roads, and Customer Care). The pass mark is 25, but candidates must not get more than one wrong answer in the Equality and Compulsory Policy and Law categories, and no more than three wrong in the general section. Tests can be booked via the Customer Services team, and re-sits can be taken every 7 days. Your understanding of oral English will be assessed throughout the application period, as an understanding of oral English is now a requirement of the new Statutory Guidance. The initial test is included in the driver application fee, addtional tests costs £20. Applicants are required to bring their DVSA driving licence and National Insurance number for identification purposes. You will also need to bring a pair of headphones with a standard 3.5mm jack with you in order to take the test.

Blue Lamp Trust driving assessment

Tests are run by the Blue Lamp Trust assessors not the Council. To book an appointment please visit the Blue Lamp Trust website.

Immigration Act 2016

The Immigration Act 2016 places a duty on the Council to ensure that no person obtains a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire driver and operator licence if they do not have a legal right to work in the UK. Upon first application (and upon first renewal after 1st December 2016 for existing licence holders) applicants will be required to prove their right to work in the UK by supplying one of the official documents listed in the document below. The applicant must be present when the document is supplied; it is not possible for the document to be presented by another person. A copy of the document will be retained in order at the instruction of the Home Office.

Also, please note, if you provide a document from list B you will be required to produce proof of right to work upon all future renewal dates.

Licence renewals

Existing licensed drivers who wish to renew their licence must do so by the expiry date of their existing licence. The Licensing Authority will notify licence holders one month prior to the expiry date of their licence, but the ultimate responsibility for submitting a renewal application remains that of the licence holder.

Renewal applications will only need to be supported by those documents that have expired, or are due to expire during the application period. Failure to renew by the expiry date will result in the licence expiring and you will be required to submit a new application and comply with the requirements of a new application.

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