Housing costs and Universal Credit

You can get help to pay for your housing if you are eligible for Universal Credit (external link). This is called your housing payment.

Your housing payment can help you pay: 

Once you have started claiming you need to report any changes in your circumstances (external link). If you do not, your benefits may stop. 

If you are in temporary or supported housing 

You cannot get Universal Credit to pay for temporary, emergency, supported or sheltered housing. Apply for Housing Benefit (external link) instead.

Other help with housing costs

You can apply for help with financial difficulties (external link) from your main Universal Credit payment. 

You might also be able to get Council Tax Reduction (external link)

Your benefits might go down if you get more than the benefit cap amount (external link)

If you become homeless while you are getting Universal Credit 

You must report this in your Universal Credit online account (external link). Your work coach can give you a break (called an ‘easement’) from your Claimant Commitment responsibilities (external link) so you have time to look for accommodation. You can still claim Universal Credit.