Green Lidded Wheeled Bins

Each household is entitled to one 240-litre black wheeled bin with a green lid for food and garden waste. If you would like an additional garden waste bin, a £56.75 yearly licence fee will be required. The licence is valid from 1 April to 31 March, and we do not accept payments pro rata.  

We collect food and garden waste bins once every two weeks and they are only for food and garden waste items which can be composted in the process used by our contractor.

The process is known as In-Vessel Composting (IVC) which takes approximately ten to eighteen weeks. Unfortunately, biodegradable and corn starch bags do not break down quick enough as part of this process and as a result can leave plastics in the compost, this then has to be screened by farmers and can be rejected. So, if you wrap your food waste, please use newspaper or paper bags and not plastic or recyclable/compostable bags. 

YES, please:

  • grass and hedge cuttings
  • leaves, dead plants and weeds
  • small branches
  • fruit and vegetables - cooked and uncooked
  • meal leftovers
  • teabags, tea leaves and coffee grounds 
  • egg shells
  • meat and fish - cooked and uncooked
  • kitchen towel and tissues
  • natural bedding from herbivorous pets (rabbits or hamsters for example) including: straw, hay, sawdust and shredded paper

NO, thanks:

  • flower pots
  • stones or rubble
  • soil and turf
  • poisonous weeds
  • general waste
  • cat litter and dog waste
  • plastic bags
  • any food packaging
  • biodegradable / compostable 'plastic' bags

You can get more information about what goes in which bin by downloading our guide to recycling and waste (PDF)

Please remember the following:

  • Each household is entitled to one 240-litre garden and food waste bin. If you would like an additional bin, a £56.75 yearly licence fee will be required
  • Your bin must be ready for collection by 7:00am on your collection day and not before 6:00pm on the evening before
  • Your bin must be on the property boundary closest to the road and must be clearly visible
  • If your property is accessed by a private track or road, your collection point will be where this meets the public highway
  • Materials will only be collected if they are presented in the correct container. We do not collect side waste
  • Wheeled bins remain the property of East Cambridgeshire District Council and must be left at your property if you move out