Local Code of Conduct - Complaints

Making a Complaint 

If you want to complain about the conduct of a Member (Councillor) of East Cambridgeshire District Council or a Member (Councillor) of one of our parish or town councils, you must submit your complaint to: 

Maggie Camp 
Monitoring Officer 
East Cambridgeshire District Council 
The Grange 
Nutholt Lane 
CB7 4EE 

Download a paper version of the complaint form 

The Council will consider the complaint in line with the outline criteria and process detailed in Appendix B to the Complaint form concerning the behaviour of a District, Parish or Town Councillors. If this complaint relates to a Town or Parish Councillor, then you should make a complaint to the relevant Town or Parish Council in the first instance. 

The approved version of the District Member Code of Conduct is in Part 5 of the Council's Constitution

Documents relating to complaints received are available for download below: