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Contaminated Land Public Register Entries and Notices Served Under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 - Summary List of Register Entries 

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ECDC Reference: Land at Old School close and Ponts Hill, Littleport. 
Date of Determination: 14th November 2006 
Company Name or Responsible Person: Notices were issued to potential appropriate persons but the Bawtry Case Law of May 2007 changed the status of the site to orphan, which became ECDC's responsibility. 
Site address: 1, 2, 3 and 23 Old School Close, and 17 Ponts Hill, Littleport. 
Site Use: Residential properties with gardens 
Grid Reference: NGR 556724, 287061 
Contaminants: Poly-cyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Benzo(a)pyrene 
Details: Contamination caused the presence of a former gasworks. Other contaminants such as Lead and Cyanide also existed in elevated levels on site. The surrounding 26 properties were also affected, although not deemed significantly under Part IIA, due to the possible replacement of old school playing field topsoil with gasworks derived material. Councillors voted in February 2006 to remediate both parts of the site. The remediation (in Summer 2008) involved the excavation of soil to 1mbgl and replacement with clean soil. 
Current Status of Site: Remediated and fit for purpose 

Has consultation with an owner/occupier taken place on a site or any adjacent sites, with regard to section 78G(3): 

21/4/09: There are currently no such consultations taking place but these consultations have already taken place on the above site. 

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