Drinking banning order (DBO)

You can be given a Drinking Banning Order (DBO) if you break the law or cause problems while drinking alcohol. 
Reasons you may get a DBO include: 
  • vandalism and graffiti 
  • antisocial behaviour 
  • violent or threatening behaviour 
  • urinating in public 
You can get a DBO if you are in England and Wales and 16 or older. DBOs are issued by: 
  • magistrates’ courts, if the police or local authority apply for one for you 
  • county courts, if you are already facing civil legal proceedings there 
  • criminal courts, when you are convicted of an alcohol-related criminal offence 
Every DBO is different and is decided by the magistrates who hear your case and the circumstances of your offence. 

What happens when you get a DBO 

Getting a DBO means you may not be allowed to do certain things, such as: 
  • drink or possess alcohol in public 
  • buy alcohol 
  • enter certain places that serve alcohol 
A DBO can last between two months and two years. You can appeal against a DBO. 
You may be offered a health and drinking awareness course, which can shorten your DBO. The course is voluntary and you must pay for it. 
Breaking or breaching a DBO is a criminal offence and you can be taken to court and fined up to £2,500.