Make and Serve a Statutory Demand, or Challenge One

When you can Make a Statutory Demand 

You can make a statutory demand to ask for payment of a debt from an individual or company. 
Anyone who is owed money (the ‘creditor’) can make a statutory demand. You do not need a lawyer. 
If the debt is over 6 years old, you cannot usually make a statutory demand. You can get legal advice instead. 
There may be faster ways of getting smaller debts paid than making a statutory demand. 
When the individual or company that owes you money (the ‘debtor’) receives a statutory demand, they have 21 days to either: 
  • pay the debt 
  • reach an agreement to pay 
You can apply to bankrupt your debtor or close (‘wind up’) their company if they do not respond to the statutory demand within 21 days. 

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