Help friends or family with their tax

Register online as a trusted helper to help a friend or relative:  

  • check they are paying the right amount of income tax 
  • check or update their personal tax account 
  • claim a tax refund 
  • check or update their company car tax 

The person you are helping must then use the service to accept your registration. If they cannot go online, you may be able to call HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on their behalf. 

You can be a trusted helper for up to five people. 

The person you are helping will still be legally responsible for their own tax.  

You will need the following details for you and the person you are helping:   

  • first and last name 
  • National Insurance number 
  • date of birth 

Call HMRC on behalf if someone else

If the person you are helping cannot go online, you can call HMRC on their behalf (external link) and talk to them about any tax issue. 

You must be in the same room as the person you are helping. HMRC will confirm their identity and check that they are happy for you to represent them. 

You must have their National Insurance number or tax reference number when you call. 

You must be over 16 if you are interpreting for a non-English speaker. HMRC’s helplines also have foreign language services. 

Read guidance on HMRC services (external link) if you or the person you are helping has a disability.