Security of Buildings

When thinking about the security of your buildings, you should consider ways in which you can delay or put off potential crime. The longer a criminal is visible from outside and the more noise they make, the easier it is for them to be detected.

It is important to consider how your building appear both when your business is open and when it is closed. Areas to consider include:

  • Access to your building including any ventilation shafts and skylights.
  • Maintenance of all parts of your buildings.
  • The fitting and security of all doors and windows.
  • Security of all areas used for storage.
  • Adequacy of light in all areas.
  • Security gates and or fences.
  • Educate staff on building security.

If a building is properly maintained, it will improve security and give a better overall impression of the business.

Keep landscaping

The less overgrowth you have around your buildings, the fewer hiding places people have too. Also, poorly kept greenery often hints that you have been neglecting your premises and this may give the impression you may be neglecting other facets of your business, such as security.

Visitor management

Make sure that all visitors to the building have a place or person to report to. Identities should be checked on entrance, and a log of who has entered or exited the premises kept. It is also useful to keep a record of the purpose of each visit along with the name of the person or department visited.

Parking areas

These must be considered in any security review or plan as part of the building.

Security staff

Where a review of security has been completed and where the business identifies a need, employ security staff.

Security plan

Regularly review your building security as, over time, buildings and their security can deteriorate. As part of this plan, make sure staff have a designated person to report any security concerns to.