Local Land Charges Service

What is a Local Land Charge?

Based within the Legal Department, the Local Land Charge section has a statutory duty under the Local Land Charges Act 1975 to maintain an up to date and accurate Register of Local Land Charges affecting property and land in East Cambridgeshire.

A Local Land Charge is a restriction or prohibition on land or property that is binding on successive owners or occupiers, these can include financial charges, such as payments due for works carried out by default by the Authority.  They can also be restrictions or changes to or use of the land, such as Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and conditions imposed in Planning permissions.

A search of this register will reveal any matters which have been registered as Local Land Charges and together with the Enquiries of Local Authorities, provides the vital information needed by prospective purchasers before committing to a property transaction.

What is a Search?

A search is a major part of the conveyancing process and consists of a search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1) and answering of the enquiries on form CON29R.

Information provided on a search relates only to the property or land identified on the search requisition.  No information is provided regarding surrounding land or property unless this is specifically requested and does not include a separately rated property.

How to Apply?

Complete your application and submit it on-line along with your map and payment, made by either debit or credit card. Your reply will normally be emailed back to you within 4 working days, but in all instances within 10 working days. If there are extenuating circumstances that would necessitate a longer reply time we will inform you.

When requesting searches through our own website or NLIS follow the information given. When requesting a full local authority search by either Post or DX the following must be provided:

  1. Local Authority Search Application Form 

  2. A correct address of the property or land to be searched against

  3. The correct fee (cheques should be made payable to East Cambridgeshire District Council)

  4. Two copies of an Ordnance Survey plan clearly showing the search extent outlined red

You may request forms LLC1 and CON29R separately; also in the case of the CON29R and CON29O forms any questions separately, please refer to our separate fees information.

If you have any queries regarding information contained in a Local Authority search reply please contact Local Land Charges on 01353 665555 or email landcharges@eastcambs.gov.uk

National Land Information Service (NLIS) Electronic application

East Cambridgeshire operates a Level 3 service through NLIS. You can find out more on the NLIS website.

TM Search Choice Electronic application

East Cambridgeshire operates an electronic service through TM Search Choice. You can find out more on their website www.tmofficialsearchservices.co.uk.


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(NLIS Subscribers should refer to your channel provider for current fees)

Drainage Enquiries

For all drainage enquiries please contact Geodesys on 01480 323889, DX123730 Huntingdon 6, or www.geodesys.com