Proxy vote

If you cannot attend your polling station on polling day, and do not have a postal vote, you can apply for somebody to vote on your behalf, a 'proxy'.  Your proxy must be an eligible elector in their own right (see 'eligibility to be a proxy' below).  Even if you appoint a proxy you are still entitled to vote on your own behalf at an election, but only if your proxy has not already voted for you.

Proxy vote applications 

Applications for a proxy vote can be made online (external link).

An elector will only be permitted to be a proxy voter on behalf of a maximum four other electors, a maximum of two of which are ordinary electors (with two being other category electors, such as overseas electors or service voters).

Eligibility to be a proxy  

  • you must be 18 or over 
  • you must be entitled to vote at the election 
  • you cannot vote for more than two people (other than close family) 
  • You must consult with the person you are appointing as your proxy before nominating them to make sure they are willing and able to be your proxy

Emergency proxy vote applications  

This should only be applied for if your circumstances change immediately before an election(s), where you cannot attend your polling station.  This could include for health or employment reasons.  You will need a valid reason to be given an emergency proxy vote. 

An emergency proxy vote can only be applied for after the deadline for normal proxy applications has passed, usually several days before the election(s), and before 5:00pm on the day of elections.

If you will have difficulty completing an online application, you can download an application form.  Once completed this should be submitted to the Electoral Services department.  They will submit your application online for you. Proxy vote application forms are available on the Electoral Commission website (external link)