Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers in Wales, and those employed in England before 1 October 2013, are normally entitled to:
There are different employment rights for agricultural workers employed in England from 1 October 2013.

Terms and conditions

Agricultural workers in England employed before 1 October 2013 still have the terms and conditions set out in the Agricultural Wages (England and Wales) Order 2012.
This sets out many of the terms and conditions of employment. However, agricultural workers must still be given a written statement of employment particulars by their employer.


Trainees have different rights, for example they do not get paid holidays.

Help and advice

If you were employed in England before 1 October 2013, you can contact the Acas helpline or use the Acas Helpline Online to get further advice.

For queries about wages and rights in Wales after 1 October 2013 contact the Agriculture: Sustainable Development Division.
Agriculture: Sustainable Development Division
0300 062 5004
Agriculture: Sustainable Development Division
Welsh Government
Government Buildings
Spa Road East
Llandrindod Wells

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