Parish Nature Recovery Plans

Nature Recovery Starts on Your Doorstep!

We are really keen to support activities to boost the local nature environment at every level, from the district or county scale, right down to a homeowners garden - or even windowsill!

We think a nature recovery plan at a parish scale will be an excellent tool to see real difference emerge in all our communities, with action that everyone can get behind and support, and often at very little cost.

Parish Nature Recovery Plan

If you are a Parish Council (or local community group or business), why don't you establish a Local Nature Recovery action plan for your area or premises? For a host of tips on how to do this, please visit Natural Cambridgeshire's Local Nature Recovery Toolkit

For an easy way to get you started, a downloadable template local nature recovery action plan is now available, making it even easier for you to prepare your own nature recovery plan. If you would like a Word version of the template, please contact

If you do prepare a locally based nature recovery plan using our template, please share it with us! We'd be delighted to put it on this webpage, so people can learn and share best practice!

Template local nature recovery action plan

The template below is to get you started. Feel free to adapt as you see fit, removing or adding different themes. If you would like a Word version for easier preparation, please contact us at

Template Local Nature Recovery Action Plan

Grant Funding to Help Deliver Your Action Plan!

If you need some funds to help deliver some of the actions in your new local nature recovery action plan, then please see the Council's Pride of Place Grant scheme. 100% grant funding is available now!