Complain About Someone who is Bankrupt

Complain to the official receiver about misconduct by someone who is bankrupt. 

Report them to the Insolvency Service if they’re working illegally as a company director. 

Report Someone who has Broken the Terms of their Bankruptcy 

Complain to the official receiver who is handling the insolvency if you suspect someone of breaking the terms of their bankruptcy (external link) 

You can find the relevant official receiver by searching the Individual Insolvency Register and contacting the Insolvency Service office that’s dealing with the case. 

You can also report someone you suspect of breaking the terms of their:  

  • Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO) or a Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking (BRU)  
  • Debt Relief Order (DRO)  
  • Debt Relief Restrictions Order (DRRO) or a Debt Relief Restrictions Undertaking (DRRU)  

Report Suspicious Activity From Before the Bankruptcy  

Complain to the official receiver who’s handling the insolvency if you suspect someone of misconduct before they were made bankrupt. This might include the person: 

  • hiding assets  
  • obtaining credit knowing they could not repay it 
  • favouring family over other creditors 
  • not paying tax 

Report a Bankrupt Person who is Acting as a Company Director 

It is illegal to work as a company director without permission from a court if you are bankrupt or subject to bankruptcy-related orders or undertakings. 

Use the online form (external link) or contact Compliance and Targeting to report someone who is working illegally as a director of a limited company. 

Telephone: 0300 678 0017 

Find out about call charges (external link) 

You can also write to Compliance and Targeting: 

Compliance and Targeting 

Investigations and Enforcement Services 

The Insolvency Service 

3rd Floor Cannon House 

18 Priory Queensway 


B4 6FD