Conservation areas

Conservation area designation should be regarded as a method of identifying and protecting areas of special architectural or historic significance. The designation of conservation areas will not preclude development within them, but will ensure greater emphasis is placed on high quality design and materials, ensuring the character and appearance of these areas is both preserved and enhanced.

Conservation areas in East Cambridgeshire

There are currently 26 conservation areas in East Cambridgeshire and the council is working to produce up-to-date appraisal documents for each. Completed appraisal can be viewed on the supplementary planning documents page of this website.

Below is a register of designated conservation areas within East Cambridgeshire and their designation dates.

Designated conservation area maps are also available to view as individual images.

I live in a conservation area...what does this mean for me?

Despite popular belief, living in a conservation area does not impose many additional constraints for domestic property owners, unless you are subject to an Article 4 direction.

Further guidance is available on the local planning guidance page of this website.

I own/run a business in a conservation area... what does this mean for me?

Commercial properties are generally subject to stronger planning controls, whether in a conservation area or not and many alterations will require planning permission. The council’s shop front design guide (PDF) should form the starting point for anyone considering undertaking alterations to a commercial property.

  • The council will exercise control over the siting, design and materials of advertisements within its conservation areas, to ensure they do not detract from the character and appearance of the area.
  • Advertisement consent may be required for the display of some adverts and signs. Illuminated signs will not normally be supported and will always require consent.
  • It is recommended that you check with the local planning authority prior to commencing works on commercial properties.

If your commercial property is listed you must speak to the conservation officer to determine if you need consent for any works. It is a criminal offence to undertake unauthorised works to a listed building.

Trees in conservation areas

Trees can play an important role in the quality and character of an area and are consequently protected within a conservation area.

Six weeks notice must be given to the council in order to fell, lop or carry out major works to any trees that have a diameter of 75mm at a height of 1.5m from the ground. More information on works to trees can be found on the tree pages of our website.